Two Trillion Galaxies

There have been some recent articles about the possibility there may be as many as Two Trillion Galaxies in the universe. This is so amazing, that I wanted to at least make a page about it and put some links to the articles.

As I look around at the lives of people, it is so ironic how people spend so much of their life consumed with the foolish things that are not worthy of their time, knowing life is so very short, then we all pass away like the dust blown in the wind.

Well, anyway… People have to find all of this out for themselves…

Here are a few links to the articles:

01.A Universe of 2 trillion galaxies

02.Two Trillion Galaxies

03.About Those 2 Trillion New Galaxies

04.Two Trillion Galaxies In The Universe

05.Universe has 2 trillion galaxies

06.Observable universe contains two trillion galaxies

07.Hubble Reveals Observable Universe

And you thought your life was all there is in the Universe!!!